Our Work

Capacity Building

DefendDefenders Capacity Building program works to build the capacity of HRDs, their organisations and EHAHRD-Net National Coalitions in the sub-region. The work concentrates on building the capacity in:

  • HRD protection mechanisms and security management;
  • advocacy tools and strategies for HRDs;
  • coalition building; and
  • networking.

For most-at-risk HRDs tailored capacity building is also offered in:

  • organisational management;
  • financial management; and
  • monitoring, documenting and reporting.

The program offers trainings, conferences and workshops as well as more action based learning and mentoring to HRDs. Also Coalition building is supported through various measures.

Capacity Building program works in close collaboration with Advocacy program, Protection program and Partnership Initiatives, as well as Resource Centre, which also facilitates for capacity building of HRDs.