HRDs in zones of conflict

Regional Situation

Human rights defenders working in zones of conflict do so under extremely perilous circumstances. As they work to end the violence, support victims, or ensure future accountability for human rights violations and abuses, they often find themselves in the crossfire between warring parties.

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Reflections on the 39th session of the UN Human Rights Council

Highlights of our advocacy work at the 39th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

8 October 2018
Burundi: Government attempts to obstruct UN work are futile

The Burundian government’s attempts to obs­truct the work of the UN Human Rights Council (the Council) are futile as they will not pre­vent accountability for grave human rights violations, DefendDefenders (the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project) said after the Council adopt­ed a resolu­tion on Burundi’s human rights situation today. The resolution extends the mandate of the Com­mis­sion of Inquiry (CoI) to investigate Burundi’s human rights situation and regularly re­port to the Council.

28 September 2018


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Between Despair and Resilience: Burundian human rights defenders in protracted exile in Uganda and Rwanda

Despite being forced into exile after April 2015, many Burundian HRDs continue their work. A new report examines the challenges they face.

14 September 2018
“This Is Our Freedom. These Are Our Rights” Human rights defenders in South Sudan since July 2016

DefendDefenders examines the state of human rights defenders in South Sudan.

26 April 2018
Don’t Shoot the Messenger! Journalists as Human Rights Defenders in the East and Horn of Africa

DefendDefenders examines the challenges journalists face, and provides an overview of the various strategies they have used to circumvent and continue their work amid these restrictions

2 November 2017